The Family CTO Podcast

Cocktail Hour Gadgets - Live Episode Playback

March 26, 2021
Recorded March 19th, this special episode delves into how technology can help create, serve and improve the beer, wine, cocktail and blended drinks we enjoy responsibly. Co-hosts Scott (Founder, The Family CTO) and Chris (Editor-in-Chief, TheSpoon) discuss everything from robots to countertop appliances to jaw-dropping automated wine vaults. If you're a fan of innovative technology and enjoy being social and relaxing with a good drink, you'll want to hear this show!
Chris's articles:
TheSpoon's upcoming ArticulATE Food Robotics Summit:
Links to other products (with when in the show they were mentioned):
(2:45) countertop smart oven
(3:50) drone food delivery service
(5:44) robot bar in Las Vegas
(5:47) maker of that robot bartender
(6:03) Icelandic bionic food and drinks bar
(6:20) mixed drink vending machine
(8:22) pod-based home cocktail making appliance
(9:13) Keurig's version of the cocktail appliance
(11:07) conveyor belt automatic cocktail machine
(12:09) teabag-based cocktails
(12:28) DIY cocktail machine/app
(17:19) defunct beer appliance
(19:19) automated countertop craft brewer
(21:57) home beer dispenser
(23:50) LG's HomeBrew machine
(24:42) wine preservation system
(26:38) automatic wine keeper and server
(27:50) connected wine aerator
(28:25) robotic wine collection kiosk
(29:33) Vegas restaurant with 4-story wine tower
(30:38) comprehensive platform for wine discovery, education and purchase
(43:40) quiet, futuristic, portable blender
(46:51) wine, beer and liquor delivery service

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