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Gadget Gift Guide - Audio/Visual with guest Adam Weissman (Anker)

March 3, 2021
Veteran audio and video consumer electronics product rep Adam Weissman joins us to discuss what you should look for in earphones, headphones, speakers and projectors. And we continue the audio/visual theme, offering over a dozen extra suggestions of cool yet affordable gadgets to get for fans of music, movies, photography and videography.
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(25:11) Nike x Kevin Durant collaboration headphones
(25:47) open-ear bone-conduction headphones
(26:48) collapsible portable speakers
(27:42) outdoor projection screen
(28:46) super-affordable mini soundbar
(29:25) high-resolution digital audio player
(30:36) high-res audio streaming service
(31:02) tiny portable amp series
(31:39) holographic portable amp
(32:49) smartphone camera accessory kit
(33:36) full color mobile lighting accessory
(34:14) tiny wearable action camera
(34:57) electronic gimbals for stable video
(35:28) camera grip and wireless audio rig
(36:04) virtual drumkit

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