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Gadget Gift Guide - Food and Health Tech with Guest Markos Kern (Fun With Balls)

January 30, 2021
Author, speaker and entrepreneur Markos Kern (Founder and CEO of Fun With Balls GmbH) joins us to talk about:
  • The mission and journey of his company's Limbic Active gaming system
  • How your brain is programmed to get hooked on this sort of play
  • Why major sports are in danger of dying out if they don't evolve
  • How this system can help boost real-world cognitive and physical skills
  • How to get free games for life
And after that interview, you can hear about more than a dozen highly giftable health-minded gadgets. So it's a great episode if you're into sports, health, fitness, and/or video games.

Limbic Active system's recent crowdfunding campaign: 
(The video for it looks fun, right?)
Our new Twitter feed (for podcast episode and other gadget updates):

All the products mentioned, along with time stamps and direct links to more info:
(22:19) Wilson connected basketball
and connected football
(22:52) Stealth
(23:19) BoBo
(23:45) Crossrope
(24:47) Theragun
(25:09) Hypervolt
(25:40) Baby Shark brush
(26:23) Wavee
(26:46) LectroFan Micro2
(27:20) Mind Travel Sleep
(27:50) Healium
(28:32) HoMedics SoundSpa Sunrise
(29:05) Ember
(29:43) HyperChiller
(30:12) Hidrate Spark
(31:00) BlendJet2

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