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Gadget Gift Guide - Home Office, Automation & Security with guest John Wu (Gryphon)

February 17, 2021
In fitting with the gadgets we've rounded up for this fun yet practical gift guide, John Wu (CEO of Gryphon Online Safety) joins us to talk about:
  • The worst place many people choose to put their Wi-Fi router
  • How Renaissance statues like David inspired their router's design
  • Why you shouldn't fiddle with your router's antennae
  • The great tech equalizer between parents and kids
  • How a home router can protect your Internet even when you're traveling
More info about Gryphon's Tower and Guardian routers, plus their new Homebound app to make Wi-Fi safe while traveling:
The Family CTO will be hosting a fantastic live Cocktail Hour Gadgets event on March 19th. So mark your calendars now!
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Other products mentioned in the show, with time stamps and direct links:
(24:55) iPad Desk Stand
(25:16) Laptop Tower Stand
(25:43) HiRise Pro display stand
(27:15) custom wooden charging station
(27:41) wireless marble charging pads
(28:10) desklamp/charging stand
(28:42) 12-in-1 power/media dock
(29:14) driver-less docking station
(30:01) colorful, connected, lighting panels
(30:29) colorful clusters of connected lights
(30:52) smart buttons
(32:01) 360-degree security camera

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