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Holiday Gadget Gift Guide - Outdoor and Travel Tech with Guest Scott Jordan

December 23, 2020
With outdoor and travel in mind, we welcome guest Scott Jordan, the charistmatic CEO and Co-Founder of highly successful travel-tech lifestyle clothing company SCOTTeVEST. In a candid interview, he reveals the:
  • Core SCOTTeVEST feature he may get rid of
  • Huge compliment Guy Kawasaki paid him
  • Biggest misconceptions about the pockets
  • Mistake (in hindsight) that made him infamous
  • New TV show that'll feature a lead character wearing SCOTTeVEST
As a courtesy, time stamps are listed for when particular products from the gift guide were mentioned in the show, along with direct links to where you can get more information about them:
(22:30) Qalo silicone rings
(23:08) Trova personal smart safe
(23:39) Ekster Parliament recycled wallet
with trackability
(24:16) Pitaka Mag EZ Wallet UE
(24:53) Luno Air Mattress 2.0
(25:25) Biolite portable firepit
and lighting solutions
(26:14) Meater+ wireless thermometer
(26:40) GoSun Brew
(27:00) SPOT Gen4 satellite messenger
(27:26) GL iNet Beryl travel router
(27:48) Eggtronic Power Bar
(28:35) Goldenerre smartwatch bands
(28:53) Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves
(29:26) ACBC zip apart travel shoes
(30:12) Link Flip-shoe
(30:40) Loop earplugs
(31:17) Nanobag 4.0

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