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Not Just Invisible: The Virtual Dog Fence, with guest Halo Collar

March 14, 2021
About 50 years after the first invisible fence was invented to help keep dogs safe without having to construct actual physical fences, one company's changing the way you let your dog know where it's safe to go. According to them, this high-tech collar will give you much more functionality, flexibility and peace of mind than its 20th century counterpart. You'll want to listen in to hear:
  • the tragedy that inspired two innovative brothers
  • how they got a world famous dog trainer involved as a founding partner
  • how this collar will help you "speak dog"
  • why it will keep your dog safe no matter what the terrain, wherever you go
  • "ruffly" 20 other gadgets to help you feed, train, clean and communicate with your favorite furry friend
Our guest:
Invitation to our March 19th live Cocktail Hour Gadgets event:
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(26:59) automatic feeders
(27:37) cook them yourself dog treats
(28:03) hydrating leash attachment
(28:45) Wi-Fi temperature and humidity monitor
(29:19) cellular temperature and humidity monitor
(29:54) FitBark 2 activity tracker
(30:21) Animo activity tracker
(30:48) Separation Anxiety treatment system
(31:53) wirelessly connected play-for-treats system
(32:30) Wicked Ball toy
(32:49) Wicked Bone toy
(32:57) Sphero, robotic/educational toy pioneers
(33:15) remote-controlled flag chasing game
(33:45) microchip-detecting automatic pet door
(34:46) smart, secure sliding glass door
(35:48) customized smart door for pets
(36:48) grooming brush
(37:10) portable, all-in-one deep cleaning system
(37:59) visual aide for pet pics
(38:32) action camera mounting harness
(38:56) video calling button for your dog

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