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Playing in the Sun & Taming Fire with Outdoor Tech

April 7, 2021
Power and control. Light and heat. Sun and fire. This episode features clever technology you can use to harness the world's two most epic energy sources, creating brilliant outdoor escapades whether you're backpacking off-the-grid, camping with friends or kicking back in your own backyard.
Guest 1 - Dig It Apparel
Guest 2 - BioLite
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(6:36) UV detection stickers
(15:06) compact, electricity generating wood camp stove
(20:20) efficient portable wood and charcoal burning firepit
(26:43) portable solar light
(27:54) personal, clippable lantern
(28:26) string lights
(28:51) compact, overhead string lighting
(28:58) packable fabric lantern
(29:54) fast USB-C Power Delivery powerbank
(30:13) lightweight, rechargeable headlamps
(36:21) solar panel with sundial and on-board battery
(40:26) video showing BioLite's global mission

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