The Family CTO Podcast

How to Start a Podcast with guest Jordan Rich

November 3, 2020

Veteran voiceover artist, radio host, producer and prolific podcaster Jordan Rich joins us to discuss the philosophy, content and equipment that goes into creating a podcast actually worth listening to. In the gadgets segment, I review VocoPro's Streamer Live and Shure's MV88+ Video Kit, two handy kits worth looking into if you're considering doing audio and/or video creation. Although, even if you don't plan on being a rockstar podcaster or up-and-coming YouTuber, you may want to listen anyway, because this episode was recorded on three different microphones. You can clearly hear the difference between Blue Microphones' Yeti X; VocoPro's condenser mic--for which I probably should've used a screen, so all my B, T and P sounds didn't pop across the mic as offensive plosives; and Shure's impressive little MV88, which did very well in my otherwise echo-laden kitchen.

Other products and services Jordan mentioned in our conversation:
AKG professional headphones for monitoring your recordings
RODECaster Pro mixer for all your podcast production needs
GMP Music production libraries for honestly owning the rights to the music you use

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